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Bathroom Modifications for the Elderly

Bathroom Modifications for the Elderly

One of the most common accidents among the elderly is falling. Every part of your home should be somewhere your beloved elderly will be safe, most especially in the bathroom, where they take their night trips and showers. But it’s in the bathroom where their odds of falling increase. A provider of home care services in Denver, Colorado lists the following bathroom safety modifications you should consider having for your elderly loved ones:

  • Install a security pole.
    It can be a vertical rod from the floor to the ceiling along with grab bars, which will support them in getting up and down the toilet, as well as going in and out the shower.
  • Materials that prevent slipping in the tub.
    A home care provider can help you put adhesive strips, rubber suction-grip bath mats, or anti-slip tub to serve as surface materials that will prevent them from slipping in the tub, as well as make sure that these materials are kept free from building up scums.
  • Make sure lighting is good.
    Install not too bright nor too dim lights to enable them to see their path clearly, especially at night since this can be the time that they’re mostly unsupervised unless you’re availing the help of a provider of personal care in Colorado.

Let Comfort Home Healthcare, LLC give your elderly loved ones the comfort and safety they deserve.

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