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Tips 101: Bathroom Safety for the Elderly

Tips 101: Bathroom Safety for the Elderly

When it comes to the safety and security of the elderly, one of the most important places that should be taken into account is the bathroom. It is used for many activities, from peeing to taking a shower. This usually leaves the floor wet and slippery. This is a major cause of fatal injuries that put your aging loved one.

To reduce these risks, Comfort Home Healthcare, LLC provides you with some useful tips for an accident-proof bathroom.

  • Put non-skid mats or tiles all over the floor.
  • Install grab bars near the door, the toilet, the sink, and the shower.
  • Install automatic night lights that are not too bright nor too dim. You can also add an illuminated switch.
  • Add scotch-gripping-tape to grab bars for a more secure hold.
  • Put an adjustable toilet safety frame.
  • Install hand-held or adjustable showerheads.
  • Add toilet extenders or raised toilet seats to reduce the chances of not being able to get up from the seat.
  • Put weighted bathroom curtains to avoid water leaks on the floor.
  • Label bathroom taps and keep water temperature to a maximum of 120°F (48°C).
  • Install a bidet spray to make cleaning after using the toilet easy.

It would be much safer for adults if they are assisted to and from the bathroom. Our Home Care Services in Denver, Colorado can provide you with the services you need.

As a provider of Personal Care in Colorado, we also suggest that you make commonly used items accessible by storing it on a holder and placing it near the toilet. Most importantly, don’t rush because the more you rush, the higher your risk of being in an accident.

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